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Double Deflection Supply Air Register (Model 520D)

Model 520D double deflection supply air registers have individually adjustable blades with the front set parallel to the short dimension, and come standard with a cam operated opposed blade volume damper, and B12 white baked enamel finish.
Manufacturer: Price Industries
Availability:  10000 in stock
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Single Deflection Louvered Return Air Grille (Model 530)

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Model 530 single deflection louvered return air grilles have fixed blades on 3/4” centers, 45 degree blades parallel to the long dimension, B12 white baked enamel finish, and face screw fastening on all sizes except frame with no screw holes for lay-in application on the 22" x 6", 22" x 10", 22" x 22", 46" X 22". Optional damper (loose) model VCS3 comes complete with screwdriver operated blade adjustment with patented detent mechanism to assure damper position is maintained.

Opposed Blade Damper (Model VCS3)

Availability:  10000 in stock
The VCS3 opposed blade damper provides airflow adjustment at the grille. Volume control blades move simultaneously in opposite directions to provide superior metering and control with minimal disturbance of the air pattern. For optimized sound performance it is recommended to match an upstream duct branch damper for large volume control with a damper at the diffuser for fine tuning. Optional damper for Price Industries' Model 530 Louvered Return Air Grille and Model 80 Egg Crate Return Aire Grille.