Single Deflection Filtered Return Air Grille (Model 530FF)

Model 530FF single deflection filtered return air grille has ½” x ½” x ½” core and accepts a 20” x 20” disposable filter. This grille offers easy accessibility with ¼" turn quick release fasteners, B12 white baked enamel finish, and no screw holes for the 20" x 20" lay-in application. Max CFM: 1400
Manufacturer: Price Industries
Availability:  15 in Troy
SKU: 530FF2020



Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Filtered Yes
Supply/Return Return
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Model 530 single deflection louvered return air grilles have fixed blades on 3/4” centers, 45 degree blades parallel to the long dimension, B12 white baked enamel finish, and face screw fastening on all sizes except frame with no screw holes for lay-in application on the 22" x 6", 22" x 10", 22" x 22", 46" X 22". Optional damper (loose) model VCS3 comes complete with screwdriver operated blade adjustment with patented detent mechanism to assure damper position is maintained.