Square Plaque Diffuser

The Square Plaque Diffuser (Model SPD) has a flush appearance, making it ideal for architecturally-conscience commercial spaces, and provides industry-leading low pressure drop and sound generation with a 360° radial, horizontal air pattern for rapid mixing and optimal thermal comfort. The one-piece, aerodynamically optimized backpan maintains the horizontal air pattern even at low air volumes, making it a great choice for high turndown VAV applications. This versatile diffuser is easy to maintain, with little to no ceiling smudging and a tool-free removable face for quick access to dampers, accessories, and ductwork. This product comes in the standard B12 white finish.
Manufacturer: Price Industries
Availability:  10000 in stock
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Perforated Return Diffuser

Availability:  10000 in stock
The Perforated Return Diffuser (PDDR) is designed to match the PDF and PDN perforated supply diffusers in appearance and detail. The PDDR is a perforated face diffuser designed for return applications. With a wide array of sizes and frame options, the PDDR is suitable for most ceiling types. This product is available with round or square inlet options and comes in the standard B12 white finish.